Setup Utilities


Interscope InstallMaster 1.1 Lite  v.1.0

Interscope InstallMaster is a setup generation tool that provides users with the ability to visually design, build and test setup utilities to install any specific application on the Windows 95/98/ME/NT4/2000/XP platforms.

Rudix  v.2007

Rudix for power users is a world class collection of pre-compiled and ready to use Unix compatible software (packages) which are not available from a standard installation of Mac OS X (or Darwin) and is very popular among other Unixes environments li


LSDate  v.1.0

LSDate is a menu bar item which copies the current date and time onto the clipboard.

ExchangeRateCM  v.1.0.2

ExchangeRateCM is a utility for easily converting text selections in any application that supports contextual menus from US Dollar to various other currencies and vice versa.

ClipToIconCM  v.1.0

ClipToIconCM is a contextual menu plug-in which adds custom icons to files using pictures on the clipboard.

AddFilesCM  v.1.0.1

AddFilesCM is a utility for concatenating the contents of plain text files, in alphabetical order, and placing the result in a new text file.

WebIconCM  v.1.0

WebIconCM is a contextual menu item for adding "shortcut icons" to web location files.

CopyPaste + yType  v.2.7.5

CopyPaste is the original award winning multiple clipboard utility which now includes yType the typing accelerator which allows you to type faster and more accurately.

MoveCM  v.1.0.13

MoveCM is a contextual menu item for moving, copying and archiving (zip compressing) files and folders quickly into common folders.

PiquantMenu  v.1.5.2

About PiquantMenuDifferentiate five parts on PiquantMenu :Original Applications Menu for access applications.

AliasMenu X  v.3.0.1

About AliasMenu XAliasMenu adds customized menus to the menu bar.

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